My Reflection On K-pop

K-Pop can be defined as the music of today. But…but…Gangnam Style is not the only K-Pop! K-Pop can include songs that are good, sad, funny, or awkward. They also have some of the best dance music. K-Pop was my first choice because English music is so laden with profanity today. Miley, Nicki and Nicki Minaj… Cough cough. What is the music like?

K-pop is also popular because of its singers’ ability to sing. This means that they can do it without any auto-tuning. Even better, they can dance and sing to their own choreography. These music videos can be used to help improve your dance skills in Physical Education. The only thing that is not great about the songs is how much makeup almost all Korean artists are wearing. Korean artists and American artists have teamed up to perform feats together more than you might think!

It’s possible that, in public or at school, you heard people raving about Exo K and Exo M. They might also have talked about Wolf, or shouted in a fit of rage about their favorite bands. Most likely, they’re discussing K-Pop. Exo was formed back in 2011 and has risen to the top of the charts. Six members sing and act like their Chinese counterparts. Just mentioning them makes girls go wild. Exo’s Wolf and “Growl”, their latest comeback, are popular among fans all over the world. K-Pop can help you learn Korean words and phrases.

It’s great that this genre allows you to approach a stranger and just assume they enjoy K-pop. They’ll most likely know who you are talking about. BAM! Instant connection with a new bestie. Most people who listen to English songs will say “Who is that?” or “Don’t Know/Like them”; which makes the conversation awkward.

Vancouver is not a city that hosts many K-Pop concerts. The first concert was held at Stanley Park in September 2013. We were all pretty excited to find out that we would be able to attend. The crows are huge and come from nearby cities like Seattle and Calgary. You should leave as soon as another crow appears.