The Analysis Of The Show “Trailer Park Boys”

Our society has many uses for television shows. Television series are more than just entertainment. They can also influence our lifestyles. Television shows may not show all the information. Although not all series are productive or progressive, it is possible to learn from others how to approach different situations by watching them on TV. Trailer Park Boys, a series of thirteen shows, is now available on Netflix and Showcase. It is set in Nova Scotia’s trailer park community. Although many people will agree that the show is a waste of time and has no meaning, I’m certain there are positive lessons to learn. Each show is unique and has its own lesson to learn. It is solely dependent on how a person perceives what they learnt from a given show.

Trailer Park Boys is an American-language program that is not well-known. However, it is one of Canada’s most popular shows. The show offers a humorous glimpse into the lives a few squatters living in a Nova Scotia trailer camp. One main character clarified that the show is “kinda similar to COPS, however from a crime’s perspective”. Trailer Park Boys is a play on the insane criminal plans of Sunnyvale Trailer Parks’ all stars, Ricky, Bubbles and Julian. They survive on cheap alcohol and pepperoni with chicken strips. Its mockumentary authenticity is the first. Trailer Park Boys, unlike the typical sitcom, is shot on location in three Nova Scotia trailer parks. This was in a rough narrative style, which is partly a matter for budget and half a matter to outline. It looks and feels very much like the show it is, a small narrative about trailer life, told by intruders. Trailer Park Boys is distinguished from other projects by its characters’ distinct perspectives.

The show follows the misfortunes of three characters. Julian is responsible for the activities, Ricky supports them with his full support, and Bubbles acts as a voice of reason while also providing some assistance. Julian is a part of almost every scene on the show and is very insightful. He reads a lot while in prison and uses it to help residents of the trailer park. Ricky, a hardworking and unintelligent individual who has mastered large amounts dope in his own right, is forceful and intelligent.

Sunnyvale Trailer Park, a recognized neighborhood, has a distinct social structure of power. Barb Lahey, the Park owner, manages the park undetectably with the help of Jim Lahey, her ex-cop, who was caught intoxicated while on duty. Sunnyvale trailerpark is a “shitbox”, a collection of residents that must work together to maintain the community. According to the show’s director, humor is what gives hope. A series like Trailer Park Boys shows that despite all the debauchery and gun fighting, family bonds are strong. Bubbles, Ricky, Julian are all part of a large family that looks out for one another.

This is not a show you should watch with your family. It’s something you can watch while eating McDonald’s after a hard day at school. You begin to feel a connection with the characters, almost like you are friends. Children and teens could be negatively affected by the actions of this entire series, including stealing, lying, drug abuse, and drinking. This show is great for college students. It’s a great reminder to not leave school and risk living in a tent city.

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