A Film Analysis Of The Shallows, A Thriller Film By Jaume Collet-serra

The Shallows, a thriller movie directed by Jaume Serra. The film’s first release was on 21st June 2016. The film, a thriller, reflects the real struggles that people face. Nancy, who is the main character in the film, is 200 yards from shore. She’s trapped and is helpless because she knows that the whale or hunger will surely kill her. The film demonstrates timeless values. One can find such a situation in the present or future. The film has many memorable scenes. The main protagonist is having a rough time. She has lost her surfboard, injured her leg, and got trapped in rock when the whale discovered that she was in the water. This film is also a classic, as the main character was able to escape despite having a leg injury by swimming despite it. Technical features include underwater filming, and fast-paced filming with water waves.

Nancy is the lead character. She traveled to Mexico after her mother passed away from cancer. She was just about to drop out of medical schools. Her mother had visited the same beach when Nancy was a baby. Three men met her at the shore and they all surfed together. She video chats her dad and sister while taking a rest. As she was surfing her final wave, she spotted a whale carcass that floated in the ocean. A shark bit her leg and knocked her over when she swam towards the whale carcass. The shark chased her as she took refuge in the carcass. She settled down on a large rock to sleep with the wounded seagull. The shark attacked her friends before she even had time to warn them. Later, she swam to a buoy and got a flare-gun. She tried to signal a cargo far away, but no one could see it. The shark then attacked the buoy and the chain of the buoy pulled her to the bottom. The shark died after it impaled its back on the anchor of a buoy while pursuing the woman. Carlos, the boy who found her, later rescued her. The film jumps forward to present day, when Nancy and her father are back on the beach (Metacritic.com). This film was shot using aerial cameras. It was recorded live with the sounds of the waves and characters gasping while surfing.

The film has a very good presentation. The themes of the film are its main strengths. Nancy showed resilience despite the fact that she was trapped under water. The film teaches us to be persistent. This film is like literature, as it contains lively performances that are reminiscent of real events without exaggeration. The film was greeted with positive reactions, and a greater percentage of people enjoyed it. This film gave me a Dionysian experience. I would definitely recommend this film because it is the type of film which provokes feelings and thoughts, such as Nancy Unfolds’ story while trapped in the water (IMDb.com).


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