A Review Of The Witness Movie

After watching “Witness”, i have learned about the Amish’s daily life. They live in a very different world than we do.

Amish have a different lifestyle than the majority of Americans. They do not use the latest technology and they dress differently. The clothing is very simple. Men wear dark suits with no pockets or collars, while women wear solid-colored dresses and plain dresses. The women do not wear buttons, belts or sweaters. The older male characters in the movie had a long beard, whereas the younger ones shaved. In some cases, the Amish will also grow hair. Amish don’t use any technology. They do not use TV, electricity, cars, phones, or other technology. The Amish in these communities travel via horse, while many other Amish use telephones and cars.

Amish schoolchildren are educated to the 8th Grade, and then exempted from attending due to Amish tradition. Their culture is centered around family. They live together in the community and have large, extended families. The Amish work together in the film and eat together at the end of the day. Amish families have different gender roles than other communities. Men are more likely to do work outside of the home, while women take care of the household chores. In the film, women prepare all the food and take care of their business at home.

The Amish would completely change my life. It would be very strange for me to live in their community. It would be difficult to adjust to a life without technology. My life is dominated by technology, whether it’s the electricity that lights up our homes, the food we store in the fridges or the kitchen tools I use to cook. In addition to watching TV, I also enjoy reading. My life is also impacted by electronic devices such as the iPhone. It’s my main communication tool for texting and calling. The gender roles would be difficult to adjust to, as well as the lack of electricity. Women in my community are able earn money for their families by working outside the house. The women don’t spend all their time at home, doing chores. Because of all the things I would need to give-up to be part of their community, I don’t think I could ever live “the Amish lifestyle”.