“Blurred Lines” Song Review

Blurred Lines, a Robin Thicke song that features Pharrell Wiliams & T.I, was released on March 20, 2013. It remained on Billboard’s Hot 100 for 33 weeks. The lyrics of the song are very sexualized, and the video clip is especially explicit with the women wearing almost nothing during the entire video. The song has many sexualized themes, including objectification of females, dependence on men, sexual consent, and men being in control of a relationship. Blurred Linings is popular worldwide because it can be heard and viewed by many people. This can have an impact on the behaviour of young people, and create new expectations regarding relationships.

The song targets both young and older women, as well as those in relationships. A video clip such as this shows young women displaying a sexually explicit attitude. They are encouraged to wear less clothing, dance more, and give men complete control. This type of behavior is often introduced to teens through pop culture. It greatly influences their thinking and encourages them to act in this way. The song is also targeted at young men. It makes them feel superior because they are fully dressed while the women aren’t. This song gives men the impression that they are free to act as they wish towards women. This video is also directed at anyone in a relationship, as it suggests how they should behave towards one another. This video is easy to access and accessible for children and teens. The song is targeted at young people due to the actions of the musicians and because it is pop music which is very popular among younger generations. This clip and song are clearly sexualized towards women. The video clips shows young women treated as objects. The video shows men pulling hair of young women as if it didn’t bother them. It won’t hurt them, suggesting that they don’t feel any feelings. Robin Thicke blows in a cigarette into the face of a woman and the lady responds by coughing lightly. Robin seems to not care. He is implying that women are an object and can do whatever he likes to them. This video is mainly about sexualisation, with the women not wearing any clothing which makes it have a sexual character.

When it refers to not giving consent to sexual activity to women, the lyrics say “You know you want” and it sounds as if the victim is being forced to make a decision. Although he may be pushing the victim to do something, he could also say “You know” to make it seem like he’s trying to convince them. The lyrics are clear and we can see the clip to understand what he’s referring to as sex. This may seem like the audience is thinking of this as rapey. It is because you cannot tell someone they want something, so it sounds almost as though he is telling her what is best. This is sexualized because it refers to him knowing when she wants sex.

The song has the theme of women being male dependent. This is apparent in the video clip. The women rarely are captured together and are often very close to each other, giving the audience an impression that they cannot leave. They are almost following the men around like they can’t bear to leave them.

Sexualisation occurs when we feel that a man is more powerful and has a greater status in a relationship than a woman. This can be seen by the women being dressed up but not wearing much, while the men are fully clothed. This song shows how sexualization and injustice are being communicated.

Blurred line’s sexualized songs have a big impact on the behavior and expectations of young people in relationships. Young women may see the clip and decide to adopt the same behavior as the other people. A series of video clips shows young women dancing around men in minimal clothing. One shot in particular depicts a long shot that shows a woman’s body. This image might lead women to believe they must look this way. If they make a conscious effort to change their behaviour, it can cause illnesses such as anorexia or eating less to look thinner, anxiety or social anxiety.

These videos may show that relationships are ‘one-way’, meaning that the male is the sole input and has a greater status than the female. This is evident in Robin’s video where Robin lights his cigarette. It is clear that Robin is the only one who has control over Robin’s actions and words. These videos can have a negative effect on relationships because it shows that there is no equality in the relationship and everything revolves around the man.

An analysis of Blurred Lines can help us understand the nature of relationships and to recognize what a good one should look like. A good relationship would demonstrate equality for the men and women, both would have input into what happens. Women wouldn’t be treated as objects; they would be considered independent, not dependent on the men.

They could portray the men and women in a different light. This would show them as equals and allow them to do whatever they like. Blurred Lines clips should not be shown in media. This can cause young people to have negative views and it can impact their relationships as well as their behavior. It can impact the expectations of young people in relationships. For example, it can make them think they are more powerful than others.


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