Imagination And Reality In The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

The contrast of Mitty, who is a brave heroine in his “daydreams,” and Mitty (a cowardly rat) in the real world suggests that Mitty has lost touch with the reality of life. In his “daydreams”, Walter Mitty imagines being more powerful, more skilled, than he truly is. However his wife has influenced his reality to the point that he creates his own alternate reality. This alternate world is what helps him deal with his wife’s daily stresses.

Walter Mitty, in a daydream, is accused of murder and stands trial. He raises his hand to calm the attorneys who are bickering. He said with equal fervor, ‘I would have been able to kill Gregory Fitzhurst by using any gun I knew’. Pandemonium broke free in the courtroom. Walter Mitty was holding a dark-haired woman” (3). Mitty’s daydreams show him as an overconfident and highly-skilled individual. The main focus of the adventures is Mitty. He makes it seem as if he was able to shoot Gregory at a long distance using any type of gun. This obviously makes his case even worse, but he raises his respect despite the obvious risk. He will go to any length to prove his innocence in order to gain the appearance of being a brave person, when he’s actually a coward. Mitty is always attractive and well-respected in his dream world. Mitty is always confident and arrogant in his dream. Mitty’s true passive nature allows his wife to control and urge Mitty into action. She is in control of his life and there’s no confrontation or conflict.

After Mr. Mitty’s wife urges him, he puts on his gloves. However, once she has turned around and entered the building, as well as after he has driven to a red traffic light, Mitty takes them off. Mitty grabbed his gloves in a hurry and drove on as the policeman snapped. Mitty puts on his gloves after Mitty’s spouse forces him to do so, but takes them off when the light turns red. Mitty puts his gloves on when the green light comes, but pulls them off again as soon the red light appears. Most likely, he does this because he doesn’t have control over his life and is influenced by his wife to follow her orders. His wife clearly has greater control over him, and he acts like a rabbit. Submissiveness is the reason he’s always on edge and weak.

Mitty is so defeated at the end of this story that he can’t even control his daydreams. Mitty was forced to wait outside a pharmacy for his spouse. “He took one final drag and snapped the cigarette away.” Walter Mitty The Undefeated stood erect, motionless and proud, as he looked at the firing squad. Mitty’s new daydream has him facing a shooting squad. He is motionless and loses his expression. Mitty, who is now a helpless victim of his wife’s power, shrinks away from her and becomes obedient to it. Mitty’s death is caused by the “firing” of Mrs. Mitty at him when he confronts her. He surrenders to his wife and lets her control his life.

Mitty has a cowardly way of living. He is afraid to face the issues that he faces, and instead he lives in a fantasy. This allows him to escape from his marriage problems, pushing them back to his mind. Mitty is ultimately defeated in this daydream.


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