James Lapin’s Musical Into The Woods: An Overview

“Into the Woods,” a musical by James Lapin and Stephen Sondheim, is a wonderful musical that gives life to childhood fairytales with a humorous twist. It made me feel like I was in the woods with them. The show’s highlight was the songs. The theme of Into the Woods focuses on the realization that the perfect life may not exist. The characters have achieved their goals by the end Act 1, but they are soon faced with new challenges. For example, Cinderella’s Prince and the Bakers complain that they don’t have enough space. The plot takes a turn for the worse as people begin to die and hardships start to arrive. The characters are faced with reality and it is clear that they may not live the ideal life. The bakers want to have a baby. The witch’s goal is to grow up and be beautiful again. Cinderella’s dream is to go to the festival. Jack and his mom want to be rich. They soon become desperate to fulfill their dreams. Jack, for instance, was promised a lie by the baker that he would give his cow back. All of the characters are decent people who make questionable lifestyle choices. They would not hesitate to do the wrong thing if they could live a “perfect” lifestyle. It is impossible to create a perfect world. Instead, you must make the best of every situation that comes your way. The reality is that no one gets the life they desire. However, everyone accepted that truth and was content with what they had been given (those who survived). The Baker, Cinderella and Red Riding Hood found their family in Jack and made their own forever after. Perfection is not possible. Every day will be filled with struggle and obstacles. The heroes learn this while defeating the giant. People get hurt or die and that makes their lives more meaningful. The character grows and becomes more wise as a result of their experience. This may not be their ideal life, but it does provide them with the people they love. Although the world is cold and cruel, it’s full of wonders. Although the world isn’t perfect, it is beautiful.