Review Of The Movie ‘The Lovely Bones’

Peter Jackson, who directed the film in 2009, has made it a popular movie with a message that is still relevant today. The Lovely Bones includes several themes including love, death, grief, unification, and unity. Even though all the themes run through the movie, it’s the mortality theme that runs throughout. These themes appeal to younger audiences, because they are relatable. The audience will sympathize with Susie’s parents and feel frustrated by Mr. Harvey.

Harvey, Susie’s neighbor, invites Susie into the bunker he built for kids in his community. Susie is taken into the underground bunker to be isolated. Mr. Harvey has used this space to his advantage by preventing Susie from calling for help or escaping. As the camera is tilted vertically, it enters into the bunker. The camera movement is meant to show how trapped and isolated Susie becomes when she enters a bunker. Susie in such a situation makes the viewer uncomfortable, and they wish she would get back to her family.

In this scene, the detective who is investigating Susie’s disappearance and murder comes to George Harvey’s house after Susie has died. He wants to know more about Susie’s murder and if there was anything he may have seen in the days before the tragedy. This scene was chosen because it shows Harvey’s deceitful nature and character. Through the different camera angles, we can see Harvey’s nervousness. The look on Mr. Harvey’s face as he realizes that the bracelet is behind him. He decides to cover up Susie’s wristband as they leave. Mr. Harvey is obsessed with control and lying. The detective’s complete ignorance of Mr. Harvey’s secret and our anger could be felt throughout the scene. This helps illustrate the feelings and thoughts in a very short period of time.

This scene is the same colours as those in the entire movie. These colours remind viewers of the clothes Susie wore on her last day. A blue coat with yellow stripes and Dijon pants were worn with a red top. Susie’s memory will remain instilled through the colours. The colour scheme is also darker and less memorable in this scene. The colours have been carefully selected and used strategically. I believe that the colors used are strategically chosen. George Harvey chose darker colours for his home to reflect his personality. It shows that he is a man of darkness, and therefore doesn’t care about Susie.

The Lovely Bones has a lot of themes that are reflected in the film. These themes reflect different values and belief systems. This adds a new dimension to the film and makes us remember that Susie, who is in heaven, is watching over her family. The film is full of devices, such as sounds, colors and objects that are placed carefully to connect to Susie’s tragedy. Characters are chosen carefully to make the audience feel certain emotions. The Lovely Bones movie is worth watching as it has an important message for all.


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