The Life And Legacy Of John Lennon

John Lennon, born in 1940 on the 9th of October. John Winston Lennon. He was born on October 9th, 1940. In his teenage years, he became known as Teddy Boy. His father, Alfred Lennon had married Julia Stanley. Julia Lennon had relations with a man while her husband worked away, resulting in a divorce. John was forced to live with his Uncle George and Aunt Mimi. John was living with his aunt Mimi when his mother began to visit him frequently and encourage his musical interests despite Aunt Mimi being against it. John grew up feeling insecure because of his large nose. The harmonica was his first instrument. He attended Dovedale School and then Quarry bank High School in 1952-1957. John was inspired by Elvis Presley’s music and formed the Quarrymen at 16 years old. He named it after his high-school. His aunt Mimi, however, doubted that John could achieve anything from just playing guitar. Paul McCartney was invited to The Quarrymen by John Lennon in 1957 at a church festival. Paul introduced George Harrison to John Lennon in the year following. George joined The Quarrymen with Pete Best, the drummer that was sorely needed. John Lennon would often stand in the bath without shoes while the Quarrymen practiced. John’s mom Julia was killed in 1958 by a off-duty police officer. John was just 17 at the time. The death of his mother traumatized John for many years. John developed a fear that he would be abandoned. He was an unruly student in high school. All of his GCE o-levels were failed. The man had a remarkable artistic talent and applied to several art schools. He was expelled for failing his exam.

Lennon’s fame and popularity is largely due to the Beatles. They were “Bigger Than Jesus”. The group was founded in 1963. John, George, Paul and Pete were already performing together. Richard Starkey “Ringo” was introduced later. JOhn and Paul composed songs such as ‘Come Together’, You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away’, Happiness Is a Warm Gun’, I Am the Walrus’ or ‘Help’. John spent 8 long years as a member of his band “The Beatles” and wrote songs. They were having a hard time working together and it was getting harder for them to get along.

John and Cynthia Powell met at a university party. Cynthia, who was previously engaged to another man, ended their engagement so that they could be together. John’s jealousy caused JOhn to act violently and abusively towards Cynthia. Cynthia was dancing and John became jealous. Cynthia hit her head off the walls when he slapped Cynthia. After a 3 month break, they resumed their relationship once John apologized. Some people suggested she stay away from the relationship because of abusive behavior. John and Cynthia were both 22 years old when they got married on August 23, 1962. The marriage remained secret. Cynthia fell pregnant and gave birth to Julian, named after John’s mom, on April 8, 1963. John was not very good with Julian. John and Cynthia got divorced after john admitted to being intoxicated with another woman. He claimed that he saw thousands of women in different countries. She found them sitting cross-legged on the ground, staring at each other’s eyes. She found Yoko Ono’s slippers on the floor outside JOhn’s bedroom. Cynthia divorced her husband on August 22, 1968. Cynthia’s divorce was granted nearly 3 months after she filed.

Yoko Lennon & John Lennon were introduced at a Gallery back in 1966. John Lennon remained with Cynthia Lennon. Yoko & John started dating immediately after John & Cynthia divorced. They married on 20th March 1970. Sean Lennon is their son. Both were anti-war activists. Even a two-week sleep in was held to protest against Vietnam War. John was believed by many to have beaten Ono. John believed Yoko drew out his best, the John he used be. John brought Yoko in to the studio, where they were practicing. However, the staff and band members were rude to Yoko, making John bitter. Yoko & John released 360 helium white balloons to announce engagement, despite neither being divorced. Each balloon contained a message encouraging the public to write John in a gallery. John and Yoko released an album called?Unfinished music NO.1: two virgins? The album created a lot controversy because of the naked photos taken by both. They took a frontal nude shot for the album’s front and a backward shot for its back. Several people believed the album to be pornographic. Police came to the window, rapped at it, and searched for illegal drugs. John stayed at Yoko’s hospital bedside 24/7 when she miscarried. John became an activist against war after everything settled down following the arrest and miscarriage. The couple married in Gibraltar on March 20, 1969. They then went to Paris for their honeymoon. The couple held several anti-war protests. Sean Taro Ono Lennon, a son, was born to John and Yoko on the 9th of October 1972 after three miscarriages. It was JOhn’s 32nd birthday. In October 1973 they split up.

John Lennon’s assassination took place on 8th December 1980. Mark David Chapman who murdered John Lennon, was mentally ill and was plagued for years by voices that he mistakenly believed were God and Satan. Chapman, who was at the moment reading Catcher in the Rye written by J.D., had read in a newspaper article that John Lennon’s character was described as being phony. Salinger’s book is obsessed by protecting children and getting rid of phonies. He dreamed of shooting people who he did not like. Chapman was armed with handguns and flew into New York City. He rented hotel rooms near Dakota and went in search of John Lennon. Chapman was pointed to Lennon by a photographer. Chapman had Lennon sign his album. Chapman spent hours chatting with doormen and lingering at the Dakotas’ entrance. Lennon & Ono exited their car. Chapman followed. He fired his five-shot rifle repeatedly, but only 2 shots struck John’s back. John fell and fell on the floor of the lobby. John was not able to be resuscitated. Yoko fled for cover when he started firing, and then ran to John’s body after he stopped. Chapman was still standing around, throwing his gun out on the pavement until the cops arrived. He complained and cried after the police handcuffed him and pushed against a wall.

John Lennon’s death affected many, including his fans, friends, and family. John Lennon had many fans around the globe. His death has left them heartbroken and angry. Yoko, who was distraught and didn’t know what to say to their son about John’s death, couldn’t tell him. Chapman did not know the extent of the heartache he caused when he shot John. Yoko reassured the people who thought it was the beginning of the Music Era due to Johns unexpected death. John’s mourning lasted for years during this period. Many people were affected. It was horrible and unimaginable that John was murdered with a pistol. John opposed the use of weapons in war. John fought for peace. To achieve his goal of world peace, John protested. His music still reflects his passion for peace. His music is still a powerful message that people can hear and feel.

John Lennon lived a full life. He became an iconic figure in history as a singer/musician. He was married two times, had two children and gained many fans, acquaintances, and friends. His success and honor is a source of inspiration for many people all over the world. Lennon had to deal with rejection throughout his entire life. He still managed to reach the top. His success inspires other people to strive harder and never give up. Lennon was rejected a lot in his life, yet he made it to the top. This inspires people to work harder and not give up. He tried to give advice and support to anyone who asked for it. He started off as a music-loving-teenager who wasn’t really accepted and ended up turning into a huge musician, singer, and peace icon around the world. John Lennon has been a hero to many generations. His music, and he himself, will never be forgotten. His music will inspire people, help them to understand his meaning and who he is. John only wanted to see peace. His music conveys this message. He continues to spread his message through music.


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